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I’m Raudhah, my pronouns are she/her and I'm currently living on the land of Catawba and Sugaree, now known as Charlotte, NC. I've travelled into this digital design world from being laid off and started thriving through my work with yoga teachers and change-makers. I continue to learn from the work of Michelle C. Johnson, Kris Moon and Kiesha Battles. 


“Really dig into my passion and put it to work! I have been able to organize my thoughts in order to create good content, and what I find the most important, I have built a lot of courage to just share what I know and what I want to share with the community. Since working with Raudhah, I now feel empowered and READY to share all that I have been wanting to share for years. I feel so secure pursuing my passion which is yoga and mental health." - Macarena G.




When I first journeyed into an online business, I was focused on making my first $10k month and the road to that was one that prioritized endless content creation focused on 'engagement', brand identity and endless marketing.

I paid for not just one but two business coaches and adapted digital marketing and mindset ways to meet the needs of yoga teachers venturing online.

This helped me financially after losing my health benefits and a stable paycheck from the pandemic. I continue to learn how to disentangle my offerings from the influence of white supremacy. This has called me in to critically think about the information that I continue to learn from and with.

I am learning from Jasmine Hines @theblacklotusspeaks and Rebby Kern @rebbykernyoga that social media and activism can work together beyond performative allyship.


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