Do you ever feel like you wanted an extra inch of length in extended side angle?

I'm a pretty tight yogi. In fact, my own PT questions if I actually do yoga. The truth is, yoga is not my only 'workout'. I love kettlebells and traditional pilates work.

So if yoga is not your only thing, it's ok.

I quickly realized that I don't intend to be flexy lexi but I secretly do want to hold a handstand for more than a few seconds (Still working on that...)

But I love the way yoga twists me in ways that my body is missing when I'm sitting at my desk helping other yoga teachers become digital entrepreneurs.

I really didn't know about Wall Yoga in a vinyasa sense until I started playing around with it in Revolved Triangle and it started to actually help with mid spine mobility and also my side stretches.

So if you're down to explore what it's all about, I teach online every Sunday at 5:45pm. 

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