I am from an evicted flat island just 50 feet above sea level. I am from the afternoon thunderstorms and humid mornings, teh tarik and roti. I am from an arranged marriage between two strangers across state lines, Wahida and Rahman Ali. I am from a long descendent of immigrants travelling from the coast of Borneo.


From a melting pot of culture handed down by the Siamese, British and Japanese colonies.


I am from a house made of wood mixed with bare concrete. I am from the early morning bucketful cold showers warmed by boiled stove water. I am from the blessings and approval of my ancestors and elders. I am from the monotheistic belief and a language I can read and write with every prayer.


Deep in my luggage is a religious garb and a shoe box spilling old pictures filled with secrets.

A long stream of texts at 3am while I’m asleep

I am from those moments - fallen far away from the tree.

I am a digital entrepreneur, yoga teacher and practitioner. 6 years ago, I started the practice of yoga within the walls of a big name studio who prides itself on yoga with weights in a hot room. My infatuation with "We are one" and "Letting go" blinded me from the work of real yoga. So here I am at a crossroads of exploring what yoga looks like without a studio, without goals to hit and more importantly without white supremacy.

I graduated with a Bachelors in Biotechnology and pursued a Masters in Genetics. This gave me a chance at experiencing experiments in a lab setting which eventually landed me with an opportunity to work with the Department of Behavioral Medicine at Duke University where I studied the effects of therapy on vagal tone.

My road with yoga has been one that is filled with liberation. I lead from a place of intuition and discipline. I inspire yoga teachers to free themselves from the grips of a studio and into the freedom of a digital entrepreneur.

There are many ways of working with me. Let's chat if you are interested.


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