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Are you here to dabble in “what’s next?”



maybe your pits sweat when you think about building a website




maybe you have thousands of followers and when shit went down in the world, you pulled up your leggings real high and took your membership online but then  ……. *crickets …….. *crickets ……..

You get the point.

Oh hey! it's me....


I spent 5 years doing the yoga thang: weekend handstand workshops, leading late night and weekend teacher trainings. Oh yeah, and paid over $4000 for my 500 hour. It was kind of how things were - follow all of the steps and then you’ll “make it as a yoga teacher”.


Y’all I did this for five whole years. I was ‘on track’ to manage a studio until covid-19 came around and someone I never met in person video called and said "Well, you are getting permanently laid off..."


Of course I was angry and confused. As any normal person would react, I poured myself a glass of wine, went rogue and created Online Yoga Academy.

photo taken by my iphone shoved in a shoe in my 600sf apartment

Tip 1:

just start

Starting a yoga business online or offline is very much like practicing yoga.

Just start.

Are you thinking of teaching classes online? Then email everyone you know about it.

Are you thinking about building a website? Then learn and get started.

Are you thinking about starting your own yoga school? Get the process started on Yoga Alliance.

Our dreams can only come true if we start. Perfection is not the goal.

Chris F.

I learned to get out of my own way (head) and focus on what I wanted to accomplish, which has help me build an online presence that I wasn’t able to accomplish prior to working with Raudhah. Since then, I have been able to build and sustain a totally new income stream that I was hesitate to develop before joining Raudhahs group.

let's work together!


A complete 4 month process to build websites reserved for social justice warriors. My goal is to help you leverage technology by building you a website that can bring in donations!


A 12 week program for yoga teachers to learn WHY and HOW to create a sustainable yoga business that can thrive online. By the end of this program you will have an online product to launch and thrive.

Enrollment closes on July 6th.


Maybe you need some help posting on social media because you are on the ground doing the hard work dismantling whiteness and you need someone you can trust with language and graphics to share the work you do. We can partner up for short sessions for anything you need online. 

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If you're trying to figure out how to get your music on Zoom to sound as real as in a studio, this one is for you.